19 FEB 2020

Computer science, assurance for bright future

Do you want a challenging and rewarding career education option? Computer science is the answer. Information technology is advancing rapidly, hence creating unlimited job opportunities for future aspirants. Computer science is the future of the world. It opens a wide area of lucrative jobs with excellent salary packages for students. Check out the job opportunities after completing B.Sc. Computer Science from Thiruvalluvar Arts and Science College.

Application Analyst:

The application analyst is the most demanding job profile in the IT sector. Their responsibilities include administration, monitoring, and maintaining software infrastructures and applications. They administer the availability and safety of data and all applications. Application analyst ensures that businesses run smoothly with proper functioning. They work with application developers and software engineers in IT departments.

Database Administrator:

As the name suggests, a database administrator manages, secures, and takes care of the database system. He is responsible for installing database software; it requires a high level of expertise. He ensures the performance, integrity, and security of a database. One person can’t do this job alone, so a group of database administrators works together in a firm. They also troubleshoot issues on behalf of the users.

Games Developer:

Games developer involves creating and producing games for personal computers, games consoles, social/online games, arcade games, tablets, mobile phones, and other hand-held devices. These game developers deal with designing that include art & animation, and programming. Developing a game is not an easy task. It can take years to build a game. It goes through many stages, like animated characters and objects, audio creation, programming, localization, testing, and producing.

Information Systems Manager:

Are you attracted to networking and a problem-solving, fast-paced IT role, then the job role of an information systems manager will do best for you. An information systems manager bears the responsibility for the computer systems within a company. Experience in technical support or operations is a must before becoming an information systems manager.

IT Consultant:

An IT consultant guides clients about ways to use information technology to meet the business objectives or reduces business problems. The most significant responsibility of an IT consultant is to improve the structure and IT systems in firms. He offers strategic guidance to clients related to technology and IT infrastructure.

Systems Analyst:

A systems analyst aims at improving business efficiency and productivity. He designs IT solutions, modifies, enhances or adapt existing systems and integrate new features and improvements using computers. He should have sound technical expertise and knowledge about the current business practices.

Web Designer:

A web designer creates reliable and high performing web applications and websites. These applications are accessed over the internet by the users. He creates and maintains websites by focusing on the software and databases called ‘back end.’ He also works on the interface and web designing that is known as the ‘front end.’

The future of computer science students of Vishwaksena Arts and Science College for Women is glorious with such highly demandable job profiles. It’s time to look forward to your bright future and step ahead.

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