13 Jan 2020

What courses to opt after 12th? A Career guide

1). What courses to opt after 12th? A Career guide 

It is that time of the year when temperatures of the country all across are increasing, and so are the tension, expectations and anticipation of Class 12 students. It has become a tough choice to choose for students, especially after 12th standard as it is time for various school boards from all across to announce results and help students decide on their career path. Confident about your achievements but not sure as to what to do after that? Read on to know more. 

2). What to opt for after completing class 

This is one question that is on every student’s mind once they complete class 12. It may be parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours or friends with everyone asking the same question. While some students may have an answer, others may be a little confused. For those who are confused, it is best to understand all the available courses as it becomes a significant turning point to give direction to one’s career. 

Thus, an informed decision is the need of the hour with a good understanding of the course and the career option that one is opting for. It is always better to take more time in making such decisions than rushing into them to regret them later. What students need to ask themselves is about their areas of interest, skills that they are good at as well as goals in their life. Therefore when it comes to choosing the right career, one should not stick to picking up the most convenient option but must go for an option that motivates them. 

3). Choices after class 12th at a glance

A student must opt for a stream where their interest lies. Moreover, there are plenty of options that are available for every student in these streams such as Science, commerce or arts. Here are some for your benefit. 

  • B.Sc ( Maths )
  • B.Sc ( Computer Science)
  • BCA
  • B.Com ( General )
  • B.A ( English )
  • BBA

Are you interested in the corporate world for attitude and professionalism?

You can choose the business world. You can opt for BBA, B.A. (English), B.Sc ( Maths )

where you can earn your dreams. It is most suitable for those students who have excellent analytical skills. You can opt for this stream with Maths as an additional subject. You can work in commercial, administration, journalism, selling or finance environment. 

Interested or love arts/humanities/commerce? 

Gone are the days when Arts was for students with low scores. With changing times, this stream has also become quite popular among students. You can opt for B.Com (General), B.A. (English) which has a broad and immense scope. In B.Com, students get to learn about financial and management practices. You can work in journalism, accounts, and finance. 

To build a great career, one needs to have at least a graduation degree. After earning a bachelor’s degree, you can find employment in any sector. Candidates can also opt to pursue higher education to expand their area of job. Choose a degree purely to secure a job after your degree and let it not be any other. 

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